Our Motto

Explore what we mean when we say "Modular | Modern | Analog"


    Modularity gives you the ability to customize your sound instantly and intuitively. Sometimes you'll want to use our pedal to experiment with new sounds to hear your guitar in a different way. Other times you'll want to use it to find that specific sound in your head. Ultimately, our pedal is there to be a creative tool that keeps you inspired as a musician. 


    We designed our pedal from the ground up with usability in mind. We wanted to make switching Mods and experimenting with countless sounds fun and satisfying, but to also give you the streamlined functionality you need with your dialed-in sounds up on stage. You’ll never want to stop experimenting.


    Our favorite guitar pedals have always been the analog classics like the Big Muff Pi or Tube Screamer. There is something so fascinating to us about interacting with the physical circuitry inside guitar pedals. Knowing the flip of a switch or twist of a knob is changing the electrical signal flowing from our guitar connects us that much closer with our sound. We designed our pedal with this idea in mind, which is why it is 100% analog and sounds just as good as the classics.