Our Story

We started Morphic Effects as a couple of engineering students in college at Georgia Tech. One day we were in an electrical engineering lab together and at the end of the lab manual there was a line that read “this circuit you just built could be used as a guitar effect called a phaser.” To say our minds were blown would be an understatement 🤯. We immediately began building and experimenting with pedal circuits; we even converted the dining area in our apartment to a circuits lab. At first, we were just switching a few parts from some of the popular pedal circuits and were amazed by how impactful that could be to the sound. As our experimenting continued, we started thinking, what if we could build a pedal that could give people the ability to change more than a few parts? What if you could swap out an entire tone stack or add an extra gain stage before shaping the tone? That’s when Morphic Effects was born.

We spent years building countless prototypes and iterating on our design. We finally landed on a proof of concept we were proud of and unveiled it to the world at NAMM in 2018. People loved it, but it was important to us to ensure every last detail was figured out before we got our pedal out in people's hands. After we graduated, we got jobs at Capital One and startups in San Francisco to support ourselves, but we spent our nights and weekends working to figure out those final details. When the pandemic came around, we were able to be colocated again and we began gearing up for our first small manufacturing run and decided a Kickstarter campaign would be the perfect way to fund it.

At the end of 2021, we decided to give Morphic Effects everything we had and moved to Nashville to launch a Kickstarter campaign. To our amazement, we met our funding goal and could begin working on a real mass-manufacturing run. We are forever grateful to all the amazing musicians and adopters who supported our campaign and allowed us to make our dream a reality!

Fast forward to 2023 and we have now completed our manufacturing run and we have inventory for the first time in this seven year journey! We are so excited to be able to get Spectral in your hands and hear all the incredible sounds you create with it.

We're grateful to have made it to this point in the journey but already have our eyes set on the future and the many exciting possibilities that this new pedal platform enables. Stay on this journey with us by signing up for our email list.

- Dallas & Jeremy