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Starter Pack

Starter Pack

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For those who want an introduction to the Morphic Effects platform. The Starter lets you pick your favorite flavor of gain to begin. The beauty of the Morphic Effects system is that you can add more Mods over time.

Tech Specs

5 in. x 4.25 in. x 2.5 in.

9V Center Negative Power

1/4 in. Mono Jack

What's in the Box?

  • Spectral Base
  • Tone 1 Mod
  • Boost Mod
  • Overdrive or Distortion or Fuzz Mod
Gain Type

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Spectral Base

The Base is the foundation of our modular pedal. With the ability to house three Mods at once, the Base allows you to create hundreds of unique configuration by swapping Mods and changing the order.


These Mods are always included with the Starter Pack

  • Boost

    A clean boost with a warm sustain that's great for pushing your guitar signal.

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  • Tone 1

    A versatile, low-pass filter that works well with all Mod combinations.

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  • Gain Mod

    Choose one of our Gain Mods to compete your Starter Pack.

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Gain Mod choices:

  • Fuzz

    A classic fuzz that offers a great balance of crunch and a rich, full sustain.

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  • Distortion

    An iconic 70's metal distortion with a harmonically rich, compressed sound.

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  • Overdrive

    A clean sounding overdrive with boosted mids. Did someone say tube screamer?

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